RecTech YMI screens “Delridge: a Community In Transition”

Last fall the RecTech Youth Media Institute at West Seattle’s Delridge Community Center began work on a documentary project in partnership with the Department of Neighborhoods to get feedback and input from youth and other residents about the Delridge neighborhood.

Over the course of the 2014/2015 school year we interviewed a number of people who live, go to school,and/or work in this ethnically and economically diverse neighborhood and asked them to share their thoughts about their community. We interviewed both teens and adults to find out what they like about the Delridge neighborhood, what they think that Delridge needs to thrive and grow, and what their vision is for this neighborhood in the future.

The Department of Neighborhoods Outreach and Public Engagement team tasked us with producing a 4 minute documentary to screen at the Delridge Projects Workshop on June 6th, 2015. The film was well received by the community and city agencies present at the event. Our interns also participated in the workshops and gave feedback on neighborhood issues. One of our students wrote a rap song about the Delridge Neighborhood and performed it live to close out the event.

The RecTech Youth Media Internship starts again this July and we will be adding footage to the longer version of this film to screen at Delridge Days, a community event that takes place annually at the Delridge Community Center on August 8th.

You can view the video short on VIMEO here:

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You can see a few samples of RecTech Youth Media Work at the Delridge Community Center location
and here

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Fall Youth Media Internship opportunity at Delridge Community Center

Join us this fall on October 15th as we begin work on a documentary project in partnership with the Department of Neighborhoods. We will interview teens to find out what changes youth want to see in our neighborhood. Teen voices will be heard! The documentary we create will be viewed by City Council and your ideas will be taken into consideration.
Youth Media Interns will gain valuable digital literacy and media arts skills while learning the fundamental tools of Journalism, Interviewing Storytelling, Producing, Directing, Camera, Lighting, Sound Recording, and Editing. You will develop investigative reporting, interviewing, and cooperative teamwork skills in a unique workshop environment.
Please print outYouthMediaCorpsGraphic copy your application, RecTech_YMI_FALL14 fill it out, and call or email for an interview right away!

YMI Mural Documentary Project

WallInterns_6411The RecTech Youth Media Institute interns at Delridge Community Center partnered with Youngstown Cultural Arts Center’s Director David Bestock to document their summer youth arts project. Our YMI interns task was to create a documentary about the journey of Youngstown’s teen interns as they set out to tell the story of the Delridge neighborhood by painting a mural on the 210 foot retaining wall at Youngstown.

The Youngstown interns were involved in gathering community feedback, brainstorming a design, then transferring the mural design to the wall. They worked under the direction of amazing San Francisco mural artists Louis Chinn and Seattle artist Sara Ferguson. The wall, formerly a target for gang related graffiti, is now a work of art. The youth who created it have a sense of pride and ownership in the wall and our video captures this.

The mural starts with imagery of West Seattle when the Duwamish tribe lived along the clean and beautiful Duwamish river and salmon were plentiful. Then it shows how industry grew up around the river and pollution became a huge problem (the Duwamish is a superfund clean-up site) The interns imagined a tribal rain dancer bringing cleansing rain to Seattle, people working together to clean up the river, and the salmon slowly returning. There are portraits of real neighborhood people on the mural. Chief Seattle’s great grandniece Cecile, tribal leader for the Duwamish, sends light and wisdom to the youth who are our hope for the future.

The mural story ends by challenging people to wake up to the environment and take care of what we have so our youth can have a chance at a positive future. Three of the portraits on the wall are of teens who worked on the mural. Realizing that their likeness will be a part of that wall for years to come was both empowering and mind-boggling!

Our RecTech interns shadowed the project every step of the way. They filmed the process and progress of the Youngstown teens, interviewed the artists, the Duwamish tribal leader, and gathered feedback from others in our community at the Delridge Days celebration. They filmed the ribbon cutting ceremony at the end and created a 20 minute documentary that is as much a testimony to both groups of teens and instructors as it is to the Delridge Community.

The teens in both groups were remarkable, but our RecTech youth media film makers astonished us with their capacity for focused hard work as they quickly learned technical skills and how to work together as a team. We screened our documentary at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center Theater for parents, friends, and community members on August 25th. Students from both groups stood up at the end and fielded questions from the audience.

While the Youngstown teens were beginning their internship, our teens learned how to use cameras and video editing software by completing assignments. They worked in teams to write, film, and edit several public service announcements, animation shorts, a “Crash Cinema” short story, and independent projects. They learned challenging software and technology tools, how to plan, do, and review a project as a team, and how to tell a digital story.

An example of the independent, personal projects teens completed is that of Jasmine Smith. Jasmine represented Seattle at a national spelling bee this summer and won! We all went to Seattle City Council Chambers to film her receiving recognition for her accomplishment from City Council so she could tell this story as her personal project. You can see it on our RecTech Seattle Vimeo channel along with some of our other work. The short version of our documentary is at The full length documentary is on You Tube at RecTech Youth Media Institute.

It’s been a rich and engaging experience for all participants; and a lot of hard work. Many thanks to Reel Grrls/University of Washington graduate Evangeline Spracklin, who was terrific at providing our teen interns with video editing instruction. Many thanks to Scott Macklin, Associate Director of the Master of Communication in Communication Leadership program at the UW, who we were fortunate to have as guest lecturer and adviser to the project. We deeply appreciate his time and inspiring expertise. Thanks also to the Power of Place Youth Employment Program for funding our Youth Media Interns this summer!

Videotaping the Mural

YMI Interns Ivan, Malaika, and Charlie videotaping the mural progress.


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Mural Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with artists and Youngstown interns

Summer Internships are here!

RECTECH STUDENT INTERNSHIPS | SUMMER 2014 Thank you for your interest in applying to this summer’s RecTech Internships. At the completion of program and program requirements, interns become eligible to receive a $599 stipend and service learning credits. Please read all the information provided below and contact us with any questions you may have. We are looking for: • Participants who are self-motivated, punctual, enthusiastic, open-minded and willing to work with others. • Participants will work safely, think positively, and put forth their best effort. • Participants who attend all scheduled workshops, field trips and activities. Attendance is mandatory at all scheduled activities. Any intern who misses a meeting or presentation without prior notice forfeits his/her position. If for some reason an intern is running late or is absent from a scheduled day, the student is required to contact the site leader. IF YOU THINK YOU WILL MISS MORE THAN 2 SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES BECAUSE OF SPORTS OR OTHER PERSONAL ENGAGEMENTS, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS PROGRAM. Be sure to review the dates and times of your program to ensure it fits your schedule. You must: • be 14-18 years of age (14-19 years old for South Park and Delridge); • be enrolled in high school during the 2014-15 school year or graduated in 2014; • have skills in computer and Internet basics and common software applications or desire to learn these skills; and • demonstrate good interpersonal skills including verbal communication and the desire to work with others. The Application Process… includes Interviews Please answer all questions in the application form completely. If you have any questions, please call or email the contact person on the application. We will not review incomplete applications. Based on the applications we receive, a group of candidates will be chosen and invited to an interview. The interview will be your opportunity to shine and to tell us anything we might not have learned from your application. Our interviewers will ask you question about yourself, your experience, and your interest in becoming a RecTech Intern. You will want to arrive prepared, energized, and on time.

Download the application here: RECTECH SUMMER INTERNSHIP 2014

Please turn in completed applications to your program of choice: JUNE 13, 2014 BY 5 PM

  • Delridge Community Center – 4501 Delridge Way SW | Contact: Leslie Howle
  • South Park Community Center – 8319 8th Ave S | Contact: Tony J. Hatten
  • Rainier Community Center – 4600 38th Ave S | Contact: Jaycee Coleman
  • Rainier Beach Community Center – 8825 Rainier Ave S | Contact: Marcus Goodsell

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This is it! We are excited to announce that today, Tuesday, May 6, The Seattle Foundation kicks off GiveBIG – a community-wide giving challenge to benefit nonprofits.

GiveBIG is a one-day online charitable giving event to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit organizations that make our region a healthier and more vital place to live.

By making a gift to RecTech through The Seattle Foundation’s website on May 6th, you will help us truly make a difference. The Seattle Foundation will leverage your gift even further by providing us with additional matching funds.

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You can watch a short digital story about the RecTech Youth Media Institute at Delridge Community Center on VIMEO  to get a better idea of what we’re about.

See RecTech youth media work at Adobe Youth Voices Live!

Soil_8801Adobe Youth Voices Live!
Come see and celebrate the work created by the RecTech Youth Media Institute at Delridge Community Center and the RecTech program at Rainier Community Center along with other Seattle area youth in the Adobe Youth Voices program on Tuesday, June 3rd at 4PM at the Seattle Art Museum!

RecTech Digital Media Internships

RecTech Summer Internships for teens combine job training in digital media skills with arts like story-telling and music in a supportive professional environment. Guided by professional instructors and mentors, students engage in project-based learning and civic engagement, working with and for other community-based organizations. Participating teens earn community service hours and a monetary stipend. Stay tuned!

Summer Internship information and applications will be posted in May, 2014!

Past Internships Include:
Youth Media Institute @ Delridge Community Center: Creating Digital Stories           Film, Audio, & Visual Media
The RecTech Youth Media Institute Internship provides you with the opportunity to learn valuable technical skills while engaging with community projects. Students will produce individual and group projects as well as create digital media materials for local nonprofits. Learn to express yourself using digital, audio, and visual storytelling. Help create public service announcements and other media for organizations that contribute to a socially responsible world. Guest speakers and trips to film at off-site locations make this an exciting, engaging, and fun learning opportunity as we explore the history of protest music and rock in the northwest.

Sampling History: Hip-Hop Music Production @ Rainier Community Center
Hip-Hop production can take reference from various genres of music including, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, Soul, and Blues and is often an amalgamation of multiple sounds and “samples” collected from sonic works of the past. In this course we will research the roots of sample based production, walk through the process of beat-making, and piece together original compositions. Students will tell stories through hip-hop/digital media and have the opportunity to also learn and hear from videographers, emcees, graphic artists, and promoters in addition to hip-hop producers and DJs. See work from past Rainier RecTech students here: and

Social [Media] Responsibility @ South Park Community Center
What is Social Media? How does it affect society and our daily lives? Gain valuable insight on how to effectively use Social Media to further your goals, create a positive impact in your life, and your community. Throughout the summer, interns will learn how to use various online tools, software and social media outlets to complete individual and group projects, as well as engaging in training workshops on leadership, public speaking, community building, and effective communication. You can be a leader in your community, and RecTech can help you learn how!

Summer Youth Media Program @ Yesler Community Center
Discover your expressive voice through photography and video at the Yesler/RecTech Summer Youth Media Program. You will learn a variety of media and communication skills while creating original works that examine the diversity, complexity, history and future of the Yesler Terrace community, with an emphasis on the potential impact of the Yesler Terrace redevelopment project now in process. Learn, communicate, and make a difference with RecTech at Yesler this summer!

For more information, please contact Site Coordinators.
Delridge Community Center –
Rainier Community Center –
Rainier Beach Community Center –
South Park Community Center –
Yesler Community Center –

“Development!” – What does it mean for a community? RecTech~Garfield explores the issue at 23rd Ave. & S. Union St.


The RecTech 2013 Summer Interns.


The RecTech~Garfield’s 2013 Summer Internship focused on Digital Storytelling as taught by Seattle University Anthropology students.  The “Development” of the Midtown Center at 23rd Ave. & S. Union St. was chosen to explore the effects on the current businesses as the property which houses them is planning for the future.

Over the course of 8 weeks each intern partnered with SU students as  guides to learn the start-of-the-art in digital storytelling.  After the SU workshops, each intern profiled a business willing to participate in producing a digital story to illustrate the effects the development may have on the individual business owners, property owners and community as a whole.

A Community Laundry,  Political Campaign HQ,  Alcohol Dispensary, Barber shop and Beauty Salon share similar fates as the Intern’s attempt to understand this simply complex issue.  Each story is available below.

Matt M. –  Liquor Store

Alisha I. – Earl’s Cut-n-Style

Chanel R. – Mana Beauty Supply & Salon

Erika E. – La Coiffure Salon

Fate S. – A Community as a whole

Jazmine P. – A Political HQ

Oshea B. – 1st. Cup Cafe

Zahra H. – The School Effects


Youth Media Institute Begins!

Max and Dean filming at Experience Music Project

Max and Dean filming at Experience Music Project


Setting up to film an interview in the Blue Room at the Experience Music Project with Todd, Olivia, Cole, Lucas, and Derrick.



Youth Media intern Derrick Slaughter, EMP Education Director Jonathan Cunningham, and Youth Media intern Lucas Capestany